So What Does Black Friday Mean To You?

A new and very large, state of the art television (the standard black Friday purchase it seems), or a brand new multi-function washing machine, maybe an elegant Christmas party dress, or an early Christmas makeover for the living room, or possibly even buying the whole Christmas gift haul for the family in one fell swoop?

Perception Of Black Friday

We are nearly at the beginning of November – to the young amongst us this shouts ‘Guy Fawkes’ – but to a large percentage of the older generation, who are money minded and avid bargain hunters, this means that Black Friday is on its way!  The excitement a bargain can instil on mere mortals can be immeasurable.  However, the hustle and bustle of a manic Black Friday event can also bring out the worst in people.  We have all have seen on television news programmes that heated arguments, physical confrontations and unnecessary violence can erupt during these events.  With shopping centres and supermarkets employing security staff just for these events in recent years, it does appear that the joy of this yearly event has, in some cases, been overshadowed by the threat of violence when customers can’t agree over who put their hand on the flat screened television first!  In the last few years, most probably because of the reported violence and argy-bargy caused by the one-day event, most stores now expand their sales offers for a week.  Not only the high street but online suppliers too.  There are indeed many bargains to be found.  However, always be mindful to be aware of the ‘non-event’ items on ‘sale’.  These items are where in fact they have been the same price all along, with some stores merely rising a products price for a month prior to the Black Friday event duration,  only then to slash it to its original price for the day of the event and thereafter!  So who can we trust to offer great deals?  How do we know what is a deal and what isn’t?  How do we ensure we buy sensibly, after all a bargain isn’t a bargain if even after a massive discount and a feeling of elation,  you don’t actually need the item or will ever use it. Whatever you’re searching for in the big Black Friday sales this year, one thing we can all agree on is that a washing machine with a hefty discount is not something to be sniffed at as most homes wouldn’t function without one.  So if you’re on the hunt for a new washing machine then no time better for a purchase of one than on Black Friday!

So let’s be sensible about this – we can have fun, get a bargain, save money and buy what we actually DO need!

Black Friday Bargains

We should note however that it’s become clear that Black Friday sales seem to start earlier and earlier each year – often starting as early as the end of October.  With more of us shopping online nowadays the high street retailers,  understandably can no longer afford to let their rivals steal the bargain-hunting customers first, or indeed the first click from their online rivals, hence the earlier and earlier arrival of the Black Friday event over the past few years. This was very evident last year, although this was more than likely due to the effect of shop closures due to the pandemic. Store such as Currys now has an Annual Black Tag Event which is in effect in the week leading up to their main Black Friday event.  Currys will also refund you the difference on any purchase you make during this event if it lowers the price on Black Friday, so this is another great incentive for all bargain-hunting customers!

Some of the most popular online and High Street suppliers of Black Friday deals are listed below:

Black Friday Sale

So Where Did This Madness Originate?

‘Black Friday’ originated in America. Thanksgiving Day in America always falls on the fourth Thursday in November, so the following Friday is recognised as a holiday. As so many people are off work a one-day sale originated as an early start to the build-up to Christmas. UK shops then caught on to this trend approx ten years ago. Then between 2010 and 2013, Black Friday gradually built up popularity in the UK. In 2014, Black Friday became the number one pre-Christmas online sales day and online retailers haven’t looked back since.  This then led to Cyber Monday 2021.  Cyber Monday is always the Monday directly following Black Friday. Cyber Monday 2021 falls on 29th November this year. The tradition first started in 2005, when the National Retail Federation, an American trade association, noticed a spike in online sales the Monday after Thanksgiving. According to the retail news site ‘Charged’, Cyber Monday 2020 was the most successful digital sales day ever to have taken place (it has since been beaten by Amazon Prime Day 2021).  However, it’s wise to note that, as with most recent years, it is likely the deals available won’t differ significantly from those available on Black Friday, and most indeed the week prior and after.  Realistically all November is the month for bargains!

So What Date Is Black Friday This Year?

This year, Black Friday falls on Friday 26 November 2021. However, as many retailers have begun offering deals from the start of the month they have begun to refer to the event as Black November.

In keeping with the recent growth seen in recent years this year online Black Friday sales will likely be longer in duration and bigger than ever, even with the in-person retail back open for business.  However, it is still worth keeping an eye out on the day, as some major retailers still reserve the biggest discounts and best deals for Black Friday itself.

Where can I find the best Black Friday deals?

It’s no surprise that Amazon mostly leads the way regards Black Friday deals, which isn’t a surprise as they are such a large retailer,  and they brought Black Friday to the UK in the first place!  They undoubtedly offer the widest range of deals in the widest range of categories –including TVs, tech, mobile phones, appliances, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, smart devices and more. Both John Lewis and Currys PC World are also considered hot spots for Black Friday deals, Both stores also price-match many of their competitors’ best deals.  Currys is always an easy one-stop-shop for technical items and John Lewis for high-end items and furniture/ white goods.  Trusty Argos also always has good deals with big discounts. The store is always a parents’ go-to for smart tech, video gaming and consoles, children’s toys etc, so Argos can indeed be a one-stop-shop for the family’s Christmas presents! Retailers such as Very and AO are also worth a look as they too work hard to beat Amazon’s prices, particularly for home appliances. Also, fashion and beauty retailers, including Boohoo and Boots typically offer site-wide discounts over the full week or more.  You can be assured that most, if not all, the high street and online retailers will join the hype with various discounts – as will all the main supermarkets.

How To Do Your Prep For The ‘Sale of Sales’!

It can be worth signing up to email lists and downloading the apps of your favourite retailers and following them on social media for updates in the weeks prior. The savviest Black Friday shoppers will have their wish list of items in advance. That way, you can cut through the deluge of deals on the day and go straight to the discounts that most interest you.  Black Friday is especially useful for saving money on high-priced/high-tech items such as TVs, laptops and tablets – but again, always remember to be aware that some retailers exaggerate discounts by comparing prices to RRPs that aren’t reflective of how much the item cost in their store for the previous year or in most cases thereafter the sale!  High tech gadgets and home décor items and furniture can be expensive items so to buy at a time of large discounts make absolute sense. So if an item of this sort is what you are on the lookout for, then  ’stalk’ it and its price in the lead up to the event.  If you then spot false advertising on its ‘sale’ price then do indeed call out the retailer on this.  Most reputable retailers won’t allow this practice – but to do your own prep ensures you’re not taken in by any false advertising.

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