…and their rental income!

If there was a short straight answer to the question “how do you retain a good tenant” then we wouldn’t need Letting Agents and such!  Tenants can move on for a multitude of reasons from moving onto the property ladder, needing larger rented accommodation, maybe they want to be nearer a better school, or if tenants are getting older and/or are suffering ill-health then being in close proximity to the nearest hospital can become a priority.

Encouraging A Good Tenant To Stay

In general terms though, there is a number of factors we can look at to encourage good tenants to stay in a property.  If the tenant advises they are considering moving due to the requirement for simple re-decorating issues, or possibly noisy neighbours moving in close by, or some other issues that could be actioned and dealt with relatively simply and quickly, then the Landlord would be well advised to action these ASAP!   To delay, or not at least try to assist immediately, could well result in a good tenant moving out and your property possibly lying empty for some time.  Especially if the aforementioned decorating/noisy neighbour issues continue thereafter if not addressed.  It is always best to action any issues head-on, as soon as they are brought to your attention, and as quick as is possible.

Good Tenants Need Good Landlords

Remember to check in with your tenant on a regular basis. While you do not want to be constantly calling or emailing them it is a good idea to have a check-in/inspection diarised for at least once every 6-9 months.  Always schedule this at your tenant’s convenience.  This is a great opportunity for the tenant to voice any concerns with you about the property.  Listening and responding can help keep your tenant happy, but will also give you a direct insight into any issues about the property/ rental that should be addressed.  Should a tenant bring up the conversation about the possibility of leaving then the onus is on the Landlord or Letting Agent to open a discussion with the tenant/s as to why they are considering leaving?  Obviously, if it’s for smaller/bigger accommodation then even though the tenant may have no option but to move, it may well be that the current Landlord or indeed the Letting Agent could directly help with another property they may have in their current property portfolio.  Therefore keeping your good tenant, albeit in another property.   If it’s for any other reason then the Landlord should directly ask the tenants what their issues are, what they would expect you as the Landlord to do to help, and then discuss candidly regards what can be put in place to make their rented property more appealing for them to stay.

A Good Tenant

Why A Good Tenant Would Leave

Should the reason for leaving transpire to be simple adjustments/ decorating the property, for example, then a discussion can be had regards as to what the Landlords responsibilities are here. You as the Landlord should know exactly what your responsibilities are when it comes to property maintenance/decoration etc, and in turn, you should advise your tenants as such.  There will always be a middle ground where you can agree to meet to both parties satisfaction. Good and early communication, as soon as any issues arise, is always the key here. As the Landlord, you can also discuss with your tenants some of the ways that they themselves can make the best of their accommodation without any permanent change to the properties. Discuss some of the budget-friendly ways that your tenants can do some interior design that won’t break their bank. This doesn’t only need to be inside the property, but outside too. Possibly planting flowers? Or even allowing your tenants to place statues, benches or other decorative items on the outside of the property? This can all make for a more personal and homely living space for your tenants. There are many ways to encourage a tenant to stay in their rented property.   This could come in the form of perhaps a yearly carpet cleaning service, or similar. Any form of appreciation for a good tenant always goes a long way.

If your tenants have children approaching or are of school age, then maybe they are drawn to another area due to the higher calibre of their schools.  So maybe you could give them information regards the best local schools in their current area.  Advise them of the easy transport links.   Maybe even encourage them to investigate the possibility of sharing the school run with other local parents, through the school links/social platforms etc,  where they can also find school stats regarding exams results and much more.  Talk to your tenants about where they can find information about the local sports and after school programs that are offered by the schools/children’s clubs in the area.

Be On Hand – To A Point!

It’s only fair that if you have good tenants who always pay their rent on time and in general make being their Landlord a very simple process, then you should do the same for them as tenants. There are simple things that can be done like making sure it is easy for them to report any issues with their rental property, the surrounding area, the general building itself and neighbours.  Have a designated emergency call line for them to report any issues 24/7.  Be responsive should an issue arise.  Emergencies don’t timetable themselves to take place within office hours so it’s good for your tenants to know there is someone at the end of a phone if and when an emergency should happen. How you respond to any emergency situation is going to have an impact when it comes time for a good tenant to decide to stay or leave your property.  Keeping the property in good order is only sensible for your investment and maintaining your property for your tenants not only ensures they feel listened to and appreciated, but it’s also ultimately best practice for a Landlord anyway.

Even Good Tenants Can Have Financial Issues

While a Landlord cannot be available 24/7, 365 days a year, there should be someone who is. If this isn’t an actual live voice at the other end of the phone then a recorded message with emergency helplines that will give direct assistance, in a timely fashion, with no unnecessary delay should always be on hand for your tenant. This is very important as unnecessary delays in responding to an emergency can cause more upset and anxiety, and worse.  It makes sense to have a discussion with your incoming tenant regards these matters, or if you have a large portfolio of proprieties, or a high street/online letting agency, then advise incoming tenants of your company website with all emergency contact numbers clearly visible on the home page.  For older and elderly tenants the availability of leaflets or brochures with same information that they can keep at home for times of emergency, are ideal.

A Good Tenant Is A Reliable Tenant

At the end of the day, it is important to know that if you have a good reliable tenant in your property then if there are measures you can take to keep them there, and they are acceptable measures, then take those measures at the earliest opportunity. Go that extra mile if you have to. A good tenant is a gold mine, in more ways than one. In summary, if you have a good tenant, do your best to keep them!
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