Tonight sees the final episode of Under Offer, Estate Agents on the Job. The series has probably given the fairest insight to the industry ever produced whilst it has to be accepted that the majority of the agents featured are all slightly more interesting than the normal estate agent. They have to be or else everyone would just switch off. We at Bradleys have been quite heavily featured and tonight we see the run in to our end of year awards and will Lewis be successful in any of them? The cameras were given access to our end of year awards and Christmas party and I just hope that all is portrayed as it really was! We have seen that through editing it is so easy to portray something in a very different light. Lewis was followed by a TV crew for a large part of the 6 month filming period which in the end is condensed down to about an hour of air time and that hour is what is good for ratings. I think most of the agents featured come over well as hard working in their own particular market place. What the programme really shows is the massive diversity of the market place and how it is essential to have an expert in the particular field. How about for series 2 the agents are asked to swap offices for a week. Who would like to see Gary at and eviction in Dagenham? Would that make good TV? Things we learnt thought the experience would be to stick to what we do and how we do it, not to do a few extra things requested by the camera man. Doing it again I would also pay a lot more attention to backgrounds. allAgents received good publicity through the poster on the wall behind Lewis’ head where we are proud of our allAgents ranking and it helps us to win instructions, so we display that on our walls. A new homes developer was equally pleased with the national exposure for his site in the same way.
I haven’t seen the final episode, it was a party and anything could have been filmed! If you want to find out you will have to watch tonight.