On April 30th review submissions for the 2014 allAgents Staff Awards will close and the counting will begin to determine who will become the local and national customer service champions as decided by their customers.

What does it mean to the individual and the business? In an exclusive interview we asked last year’s overall best agent Jay Hayden of Martin & Wright in West Hampstead.

Q: Having spent the last year at the top of the overall allAgents UK staff rankings, have you found that prospective clients understand and respect your achievement?
A: Absolutely! We now use Allagents as a strong marketing tool, to show clients that it’s not just us that say we’re good but see what other landlords and tenants say. The fact that I am currently number 1 gives new clients that extra confidence and current clients that reassurance that they are dealing with the best

Q: Would you say that being such a high profile agent on allAgents makes you more aware of how you conduct yourself in business?
A: Yes I would say that. I’ve always strived to give the best service possible but to know that at the end of it you can be rated and reviewed on your service I think sub-consciously makes you give that little bit more effort.

Q: Do you think is this a lesson that all estate and letting agents, old and new should heed?
A: I think that agents should always be providing as good a service as possible and certainly always be honest with their client and the fact that the client could end up writing a bad review on them would not enhance their reputation. I think the business of today heavily relies on reputation and having allagents there gives us the chance to build that reputation.[/QUOTE]

Q: Going by your review profile, you have a very high response rate from clients willing to leave feedback so you are clearly a very likeable professional. How do you approach the subject of leaving feedback with them?
A: Upon them moving in (and picking up keys from our office) we always ask them if they would mind sparing a few minutes to leave a review (if we email them the link). Most of which are obliging.

Q: I understand that Martin & Wright use their allAgent league tables for measuring in-house individual customer service standards. Have you found customer satisfaction competition between the staff useful?
A: Yes indeed. We have weekly meetings and the reviews are always mentioned. We use it to boost morale and have a bit of in-office fun/banter between the staff.

Q: Is there a title retention on the cards? How do you think you have faired this year in the 2014 allAgents Staff Awards that close on the 30th April?
A: I hope so J I can see I have had a good year so hopefully I can retain my title

Thank you Jay and best of luck.