Brits are known for our reserve and stiff upper lip approach to life. Though we are in the 21st century some of us still have this way of doing business!

If we had had that approach in the 19th and 20th century, we would never have had so many inventions or the Industrial Revolution which led to us being world-leaders in many fields. Even today we still lead the field in many areas including technology, medicine, innovation and day-to-day living.

So why is it that we still wait and see when we are buying abroad? Well, not all of us have this approach. Spain’s National Council of Notaries shows that property purchases in Spain by foreigners rose by 9.8% year-on-year 2013. 21.4% of those purchases, a total of 55,187, were made by foreigners.

UK buyers made up 17.1% of purchases. We no longer have the same dominance of the Spanish property’s foreign market as we once had. There are many reasons for this, one being we have had our own financial crisis and another being the bad press Spain has had when property buying is reported.

Other countries have not had the same problems when looking to buy Spanish property. Denmark and Sweden for example have increased sales by +29.7% and +24.4% respectively. Some of this may be down to the new style of building in Spain. Many new developments are of clean, open-plan living which is well-known to Scandinavian countries.

Many of us in the UK also like these kinds of houses. Programmes like Grand Designs have shown us different approaches to modern living. Though many people may not be able to afford these kinds of houses in Britain, there are opportunities in Spain to own what look like “million-pound houses” for a lot less.

Of course for those with more traditional views on housing there are many great examples at great prices to be had without compromising on modern building standards. Things have changed in Spain. The days of throwing up cheap, poorly-built properties have all but gone. New-build houses come with a 10 year building guarantee just as in this country. YES they are worth the paper they are written on!! One of our clients did have a problem which was quickly resolved through the original promoter and Insurance Company under the guarantee, whilst the clients were kept informed throughout.

For those waiting for “THE RIGHT TIME” maybe they don’t really want to commit to buying in Spain at all, because the time to buy is “right” now. Prices are attractive, good choice of properties and excellent exchange rates compared with recent years.