I have just attended a meeting on internet marketing and the internet guru said that one of the very best forms of marketing is customer reviews. This is very much in line with other marketing experts who state that customer reviews are the most important thing companies need for advertising. Thank you allAgents, you have delivered this facility for us on a plate and from the amount of customer reviews showing on the site, buyers and sellers are very much making use of it.

A little further proof about review sites. The delegates who travelled from all corners of the country to attend this meeting were directed to the only hotel in town. My wife researched trip advisor for me which made very poor reading for the hotel so opted for a nearby B&B instead which was clean comfortable and lovely. The rest of the delegates to the meeting shared their photos of their grubby hotel rooms and stories of fear of the bathrooms the next day while I was feeling a little smug! The only thing to say is yet more proof that review sites work and thank you trip advisor.

Francis Marshall FNAEA