It seems to be accepted by all estate agents that their most important ‘commodity’ is their staff and not the buildings in which they operate or even the I.T. systems that seem to dominate modern day estate agency.

Yet despite this, I am constantly surprised by just how little most estate agency businesses invest in staff training. I concede that as an individual with a financial interest in an estate agent agency training firm, I could be accused of arguing from self-interest but believe me when I say I speak from the heart and not wallet.

Speaking to agents across the country, it really is the exception rather than the rule to hear of proper and consistently implemented training regimes of the sort that most other service based industries would recommend or even require as a minimum.

Of course, all estate agents should regularly attend knowledge based courses ensuing that they are up to date with the very latest legislative requirements, though surprisingly few even commit themselves to this.

But just as importantly, if a sales business such as an estate agent agency firm wishes to be as effective as possible all staff should be kept up to date with the very latest sales and customer service techniques. This is particularly important when these sales and customer service skills are in fact being utilised on behalf of fee paying clients such as house sellers.

It doesn’t even have to cost much (if any) money at all. Often a simple investment of time can be very effective. My favourite example of this is to simply review as a team, the five most recent recorded enquiries made via Rightmove. Of course, this is a completely free service provided by Rightmove and one that can provide great value and insight for all of your sales team.

Don’t get me wrong – property planned high quality training really is what all estate agents ought to be involved with, even if it does cost just a little cash!

However, investing time and effort in even the simplest form of training will yield significant benefits.