Estate agents pipelines are incredibly constipated all over the country. We estate agents have been caught up in a diet of understaffed lawyers and over cautious understaffed lenders whose ability to process a mortgage application in a straight forward way seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. If one more Branch Manager tells me a story about a lender who asks for proof of things time and time again and then loses the original I am going to scream. Why can’t they just say what they require in the first place and stick to it? Why can’t lenders employ people with sufficient experience to make a decision?

I have concluded that my pipeline needs a laxative. The laxative will be when the lawyers staff up to be able to handle the increased business that has been taking place since April and the government need to take yet another look at lenders and give them some serious service standards to comply with. Not only have I had sales take months to exchange due to ludicrous slow speed from lenders I have had sales go wrong because both sides have lost the will to continue due to the never ending demands of things to prove from lenders. I understand and agree with the need for diligence but when it borders on incompetence because they lenders seem to know what they want it, all gets too much. The best laxative I can think of for any pipeline would be for all lenders to agree on what is needed to apply for a mortgage with them, publish the list and stick to it. If they would just do that then I am sure sales would go through an awful lot quicker that they do right now. Just a thought but wouldn’t an ‘allLenders’ review site help a bit if someone set that up?

[FONT=arial][SIZE=12px]Francis Marshall FNAEA is the Managing Director of the Bradleys Group[/SIZE][/FONT]