There is one reason why tenants leave unexpectedly which has nothing to do with the property, the landlord, the rent or the location.
During my 20 years in the lettings and property management industry, I have known tenants leave because of the agent’s poor service and attitude towards them.
When an agent is employed to manage a property, landlords rarely know what the relationship is between the tenants and the agent especially if that landlord is overseas.
I have often heard tenants who have come to my agency say that the landlord / property was ok but the agent was unbearable. This should never happen and if it does then it should be addressed immediately.

Sometimes, especially when the market is very busy, the level of service from the agent drops. A small matter like a dripping tap which is annoying to the tenant goes to the bottom of the property manager’s pile.

Tenants feel that they are paying good rent and however small the maintenance issue is, it should be attended to promptly. I am not saying a tenant would leave because of one dripping tap but a series of small problems might tempt them to look elsewhere.

On the other side of the coin, I have picked up quite a few ‘orphan tenancies’ as well. This is where the landlord has absolutely had enough of the poor service from the agent which they could well be paying 12.5% plus vat per month for and have effectively sacked the agent and sought the services of another one who can pick up the reins.
The tenants are usually mightily relieved as well when this happens and the upshot is often a happy tenant and a longer tenancy.

If you are concerned that your agent is not making it easy for the tenant to stay on, please feel free to contact me to discuss your possible options.

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