We in this country know the problems young adults here have getting on to the property ladder.

We are not alone. Research by the Youth Council of Spain has found that young adults under 30 living in Spain need to earn more than twice their average salaries to get on the housing ladder.

The Youth Council has found that given the average salary for under thirties in Spain, and the average cost of housing even after seven years of decline, young adults still need to earn [B]much more[/B] than they do to get on the housing ladder.

Young adults in this country are living with their parents into their twenties and even thirties!! The same is true in Spain. Only one in four young adults in Spain have managed to leave home, the rest are still living with their parents.

How does this affect the Spanish property market? High youth unemployment has long-term implications particularly in primary residential areas, but less so for the holiday-home market on the coast. Demand here is highly-diversified and often driven by older foreign buyers.

In the UK young adults have Help To Buy to address this problem which was so successful that the Powers that Be are now trying to cool down the scheme so that it doesn’t “over-stoke the market”. Though there are many who still haven’t been able to afford to get that all important foot on the ladder as a deposit is still needed and rightly or wrongly saving one means they would have to give up their present life-style!!

Meanwhile, particularly in London and the south-east, foreign investors are buying in the UK in droves.

The same is true in Spain because foreigners are buying in increasing numbers again.

The irony is that it is foreign investors (including our clients!) who are benefiting by buying quality properties at discounted prices.