A year ago today whilst preparing for the May 2013 Board Meeting I was wondering if the first green shoots of recovery were for real or was it yet another blip of false hope!
Today I have been preparing for the May 2014 Board Meeting and what a contrast. A year ago we needed sales and we needed reductions to stimulate interest. Today we need instructions and to keep vendors expectation under control when discussing price. What happened? Why such a change in just 12 months?

A combination of Help to Buy, improving economy, low interest rates, returning confidence and increasing prices have all combined to dramatically change the market place in 12 months. Buying or selling in this market it is vital to deal with good quality reputable agent. Selling and you need an agent who will advise you on the best price and have the access to a wide range of applicants to introduce to your home. You need that agent to negotiate on your behalf and look after your interest to obtain you the very best price and at the same time to ensure the buyer is able to proceed and ensure the buyer does proceed. If you are buying then you want an agent to deal with you honestly. You want the agent to put forward your offer and not be influenced by if you take additional services or not. Once a deal is struck you want the agent to give you a fair chance to get the sale through as nobody wants to waste the costs of an abortive sale.

These are very basic points but very important points and for a buyer or seller then you should insist on these being minimum standards. How do you establish if an agent will conduct himself in this way or not? Easy, just look at allAgents.co.uk and see what their previous customers said about them. If they have a good star rating then you should be pretty safe. Low reviews or a poor star rating then you should be very aware.