With just days to go before the All Agents announce the winner of their own awards you may be forgiven for asking the question – ‘What’s the point in estate agency awards?’

For many estate agents, awards are pointless, self-gratifying and irrelevant. This view is mostly held by firms and individuals that don’t win any of course but that’s not the point!
This is a view held by many and perhaps even most estate agents. Of course, there are also the allegations that these awards are offered by judging panels who take it in turns to present these awards to their ‘favourite’ firms for whatever reason. Again, these suggestions are rarely made by the award winners and just those that haven’t won.
I can only say that having spoken to a number of judges, and knowing a number of them personally, I’ve seen absolutely no evidence at all of estate agency award judges doing anything other than the right thing and selecting the winners based on merit and merit alone.

But hey as the saying goes ‘just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re out to get you!’ At the end of the day you’ll believe what you want to believe.

Of course some estate agency awards, including the All Agents awards are free to enter and based purely on indisputable data. There is no judging required but just a mathematical calculation.

But what of other awards? Is it worth the effort and cost of an entry? Well, I would say yes for three specific reasons :

A decent award submission forces you to review your activities. Such a review should be done in any event but rarely is. By compiling a decent award entry you need to analyse your approach to the business and learn the lessons of success and failure!
It’s great for the team! If your team know that you are proud enough to enter an award and it gives them a sense of pride too. Win or lose, that has to be a benefit.
You might even win! Yes sometimes, against all odds, you may just walk away with an award. Again that’s fantastic for team morale and even better to show off to your current and potential customers.

Over the years we at Thomas Morris Sales & Lettings have won our fair share of awards & though we have ‘lost’ far far more than we’ve ever won! We’ve learnt from these numerous failures and it’s been good for us as a business and that really is the point.

So next time you’re at an estate agency awards event and you hear the words..

‘And the Winner Is… ‘

Remember, that if you’ve entered, you’re already a winner !