[B]Open Days – Top Ten Tips to Make Them Work for you[/B]

Open Days – something that vendors love to ask for; particularly when they aren’t getting any interest, which is a bit pointless really! However, sometimes they can work really well. Here are my [B]Top Ten Tips[/B] for making them work for you: [LIST=1]
[*]Create a written ‘countdown’ to the day, starting at least a fortnight in advance, to give yourself plenty of chance to plan an effective marketing campaign.
[*]Keep interest high in the run up to the day itself, and don’t allow any advance viewings, or you’ll lose momentum and excitement.
[*]Plan a multi-channel campaign – both online and offline – to catch all the vendors in your area.
[*]Add the open day information to the sale sign.
[*]Include the date and time on the Rightmove ad, and those on the other portals.
[*]Call it out at least twice, and keep a log of who you think will come.
[*]Weekends are best – fill up the Saturday with bookings first, before starting to offer the Sunday.
[*]Prepare the vendor to offer drinks and maybe biscuits, and to have the house ready.
[*]Take a bunch of flowers for the vendor, and to make the house look at its best.
[*]On the day, get as much information from each viewer as possible, as you may be able to identify a potential vendor!
[/LIST] Open Days clearly can be of huge benefit in creating early interest on a property and possibly generating a higher than expected offer. However, they do have to be carefully planned for, properly managed and all organised to ensure the result is a successful sale.

Sam Ashdown

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