My wife often says to me that she judges the affection I have for her, not on what I [B]say [/B]but on what I [B]do. [/B]She is of course right – I usually find she is!

And that dear reader, is how I assess the judgement that an estate agent makes when deciding how effective Rightmove and Zoopla really are.

How many times have I heard ‘I hate Rightmove’ or ‘Zoopla are just ripping me off!’…really? Well that might be what many estate agents [B]say[/B], but it appears that it is not how they actually [B]act[/B]. And actions, as we all know, speak louder than words.

It is estimated that upwards of 90% of all estate agents use Rightmove and I would hazard a guess that not much less than that currently advertise with the Zoopla Property Group. So why, if these often despised (by agents) sites are so disliked, do they attract so much business? Could it be that they actually provide [B]value [/B]to an estate agent? Is it possible that by aggregating all of our listings in a neat and user friendly fashion they actually provide our buyers and sellers, with a worthwhile service? That does appear to be the case.

I often hear agents refer to ‘our data’, ‘our properties’ and even ‘our applicants’ as if as estate agents, the information we hold really is just ‘ours’ and not to be shared with anyone else under any circumstances. This approach is of course rubbish. Our newspaper advertising, for sale boards, and even the advertisements on our own websites demonstrate how keen we are to share the information we have. This is all that the property portals do- but they do it [B]brilliantly[/B] and evidently more effectively than we as individual agents can do on our own.

So I say good luck to them. Who cares if Zoopla raise over £1 billion and Rightmove have a 80% profit margin? I certainly don’t. I say good luck to them and keep up the good work. One peek at my inbox shows me how many leads we receive from them both of these portals-every single day. And if I do a simple R.O.I. across our business their charges still appear fair to me-despite the squeals I hear from agents up and down the country.

Does this mean I’ll stay with them forever? Of course not. Just like any other self respecting consumer the moment I can get better value for money elsewhere I’m off. But until then I’m going to act in the same way as I speak and stick with them.

Of course you may well disagree, tell me I’m a fool and even threaten to leave either or both of these mighty players in the property industry game-but will you….really?

When it comes down to it-I’ll judge you on what you [B]do[/B], not what you [B]say[/B]. Which reminds me, I must buy my wife some flowers!

Simon Bradbury
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