After all the fuss about the introduction of ‘Help To Buy’ I finally heard of a sale last week through Bradleys that was using the scheme.

The new ‘Help To Buy’ scheme which certainly does make it possible for anyone who now has their 5% deposit and enough cash to cover the fees as well, to buy a home up to a value of 600K. A few pundits predicted a house price bubble but it as I advised on this blog several weeks ago, it will just open up the market to more buyers so demand will increase slightly which will start prices rising.

The increase in demand is not as strong as others have forecast and there will not be a bubble, just a sustainable recovery in the property market which will be to the whole country’s benefit. What does this mean to buyers and sellers? Well if you are selling then price is still critical. Buyers use the portals including allAgents to compare prices and where the properties are so easily compared then if the price is too high then you won’t get any viewings and the property will remain unsold.

If you use a good agent who knows their patch and prices accurately then the market is improving and a buyer can be found reasonably quickly. If you are a buyer then you can see which properties are correctly priced but you need to act quickly, as I have said the market is improving and there is competition for the correctly priced houses so use a good agent who can help you to get everything you need in place and then buy as soon as you are able because prices are only going one way and with mortgage rates looking set to remain low for some time it will never be this cheap to buy again.

Probably the single most important bit of advice I could give is use a good Estate Agent, find one with a good track record and one who will be able to help you with all you need as well as just the house purchase. It is essential when you make the biggest purchase of your life that you are able to rely on professional honest advice and where better to find an agent than where their previous customers comments are available to read than at If you think this advice would help others you know why not share it or like it.

[FONT=arial][SIZE=12px]Francis Marshall FNAEA is the Managing Director of the Bradleys Group[/SIZE][/FONT]