I’m always a little concerned when I hear the phrase… ‘Well, it’s a no-brainer’. Does it mean that only a moron with no brain would agree? Or, as I suspect, is it more likely that the concept is so blindingly obvious that it requires no further investigation or debate. There’s my second concern.How can any idea be so compelling as to not be worthy of any further investigation or debate?

Well, at the risk of sounding arrogant-here’s a ‘no brainer’. Make sure your estate agency web site is optimised for mobile use. I’ll say that again…
[B]Make sure that your estate agency site is optimised for mobile use![/B]

As this suggestion really is a classic ‘no brainer’ I really shouldn’t need to say any more but, just in case you can’t join up the dots yourself – here goes…

The computer networking giants Cisco estimate that the number of tablets, smart phones, laptops and other mobile devices will exceed the number of humans by the end of this year. That’s over 7 billion devices and counting!

Now if you, like so many other estate agents, are thinking that this really has no impact on you and your business- you better think again.

Certainly here at Thomas Morris over a quarter of our site visitors access our web site by a mobile phone-and that figure is growing every day. This means that if we didn’t offer a mobile version of our site, 25% of our potential buyers wouldn’t be able to see our properties in a suitable and user friendly fashion. Frankly, it’s not what the modern day house hunter merely [B]wants[/B]- it’s what they [B]expect.[/B] And if you’re not offering it to them-then somebody else will.

It still amazes me just how many of our competitors still expect that an eager house buyer will really be bothered to view ‘big screen’ content on a small screen, with all the accompanying hassle that involves.

For those of you who still doubt the wisdom of my suggestion, consider this. It’s expected that by the end of 2014 more property searches will be conducted on mobile devices than on laptops, and already the research shows that more house hunters use a mobile phone to search for property than use local newspapers for the same job.

So is there ANY reason why your estate agency website should not be ‘mobilised’? What about the cost? I hear you say. Well honestly that’s the most shocking thing-we really are talking peanuts. For just a few hundred pounds (or even significantly less) your geekoid whizz kid techie colleagues should be able to do the job and give the local house buying public what they want, what they really really want-great content that’s easy to access on their phone.

So go on-do it…..
it really is a no brainer!

Simon Bradbury
Thomas Morris