There seems to be a growing trend among the on-line brigade to shout about what is wrong with traditional agents that operate from high street premises which obviously create higher costs that need to be covered. What is never covered in that shouting is any argument about why an on-line agent will produce a buyer quicker, deliver better service or expose the vendors property to a wider audience.

I can only talk about our stats down here in the South West or the country but only half of our buyers come to us via on-line routes, the other half come by a complete mixture of routes which include walking through our front door in the very first place. Anybody who has been watching Under Offer, Estate Agents on the Job has seen how we operate at Bradleys and whilst the hair cutting, howling and coffee carrying was put on for the TV the vast majority of reaction to our service has been to see what a great service we deliver and the extra mile Lewis has gone to get the right result for our customers.

This is no exception and this is why both Lewis and Bradleys have great allAgents rankings which helps us tremendously to win new instructions. My question is how does an on-line agent begin to match that quality of service or result when they are missing out on about half of the buyers? How can they ever get the best price for the customer in the shortest time when they don’t have the access to all of the buyers. How can they ever deliver the service and support that is so very clearly being delivered by most of the agents featured in the current BBC2 documentary?

The argument of the on-line agent is wholly fee related and everyone in life understands you get what you pay for. If you want a whole job done properly, professionally and successfully go to a well-established agent who has the experience in that area and the track record to back up their claims, a lower fee will be irrelevant if you don’t receive the right service to obtain the best price or the correct service to both obtain the right offer and get the sale to exchange.

Use an on-line agent at your peril as you risk your biggest asset not getting the full exposure to the market and will be left high and dry when it comes to help though the legal period.